Errin CamneróOf Counsel

Ms. Camner has a Masters in Tax Law and focuses her work on corporate, securities, tax and real property/creditor matters including residential foreclosures and related issues. Her corporate and tax practice includes work on incentive and deferred compensation under I.R.C. Sections 409A and 162m, employment contracts, restricted stock and stock option agreements, change-in-control agreements, and other tax matters such as NOLís under I.R.C. Section 382 and W-8 reporting. Ms. Camner also works in securities regulation and reporting and banking regulation including Forms 4, 13-D, S-3, and 14A and BSA and the Patriot Act. She previously worked in the District Counselís Office of the Internal Revenue Service, in Miami, where she often represented the Department of Treasury in Tax and Bankruptcy Court.†

Practice Areas:† Creditorís Rights, Foreclosures; Tax Law; Corporate Law; Securities,Banking


†††† University of Miami, LL.M., Taxation, 1999,

†††† Boston University, J.D., 1997;

†††† University of Pennsylvania, B.A., 1994


†††† Florida, 1997;

†††† U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida†


†††† Dade County Bar Association

†††† The Florida Bar


†††† University of Miami, Presidentís Council and Citizen's Board

Mt. Sinai Hospital Young Presidentís Foundation

United Homecare Services, Board Member (2006-2009)

University of Pennsylvania Miami Alumni Club Ė President (2002-2007)†

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