Anne Camneró Director

Mrs. Camner has experience in Real Estate law and Title work. In addition to her legal practice, during the Savings and Loan crisis in the late 1980ís and early 1990ís, Mrs. Camner was a principal, chairman and CEO of Creatively Structured Workouts, Inc. (CSW). CSW, with offices in Miami, New York, and Houston, was a corporation that specialized in affordable housing, and through government contracts with the FDIC and RTC, it managed, rented and disposed of thousands of government-owned properties.

Practice Areas: Real Estate, Corporate, Loss Mitigation


†††† University of Miami, J.D., 1972,

†††† Cornell University, B.A., 1968†


†††† Florida, 1972

†††† U.S. Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit, 1982

†††† U.S. Supreme Court, 1983†


†††† The Florida Bar

†††† American Bar Association†


†††† The Florida Grand Opera - Board Member

†††† American Jewish Committee (Greater Miami & Broward Chapter) - Board Member†

Other Licenses:†† Florida Real Estate Broker License

Florida Interior Design License†

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